Chihiro Mori

  1. Born in Osaka

  2. Completes MA in Department of Painting at Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate school of Arts

    Lives and works in Kyoto

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  1. “OMOIDE IN MY HEAD” Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi

  2. “Tennis elbow” Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo

  3. “Pink Darkness”, Mujin-to Production, Tokyo

    “Colorful Mud, CAPSULE, Tokyo

  4. “Accidents”, Kodama Gallery, Tokyo

  5. “Finger Pickles”, Kodama Gallery, Osaka

  6. “0 kHz”, Kodama Gallery, Tokyo

  7. “Left Room of the Heart is One-room”, Kodama Gallery, Tokyo

    “chikken Voices”, Kodama Gallery, Osaka

Selected Group Exhibitions

  1. ”SILVER MIST FROM THE EMPTY POT” Jane Lombard Gallery, New York,USA

    ”Collection1: Transgressing Lines” National Museum of Art, Osaka

    ”Tokyo 2020 Official Art posters Exhibition” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo

  2. ”FLYING WUNDERKUMER” toberu, Kyoto

    ”Vong Co RAHZI” blum & poe, Tokyo

    ”after that” Museum Haus Kasuya, Kanagawa

    “Who opens up the world?” Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi

    ”POSTERS” Fukugan Gallery, Osaka

    ”Weavers of Worlds -A Century of Flux in Japanese Modern / Contemporary Art-” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo

  3. ”helen at the mountain” Tetsuo's Garage, Tochigi

    ”Singing Pictures” whistle, seoul,Korea

    ”CHILDHOOD Another banana day for the dream-fish” Palais de Tokyo, Paris,France

    ”In Focus: Contemporary Japan” Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis,USA

    ”Daiwa Collection 8” Okinawa Art Museum, Okinawa

  4. ”Object manipulation”, Tokyo

  5. “summer show” Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo

    “open space” Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo

  6. “MOT Collection: Stage 3 Collection Becoming” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo

    “ALLNIGHT HAPS 2015 “Gyakuryu”, Higashiyama Artists Placement Service, Kyoto

    “2015 Collection 1” The National Museum of Art, Osaka

    “Think Tank lab Triennale – TWO STICKS” The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Wrocław,Poland


  8. “ADVENTURE IN ART Masterpieces of the National Museum of Art, Osaka”, The Niigata

    Bandaijima Art Museum, Niigata and The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki 

    “MOT Collection: Chronicle 1995-, Part2: after 1995” Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokoyo

    “Shape of Picture”, shugoarts, Tokyo

    “My god|Your god” SEIAN ART CENTER, Shiga

  9. “MOT Collection Part 2: afterimages of tomorrow” Museum of Contemporary of Art, Tokyo

    “Roppongi Crossing 2013: OUT OF DOUBT” Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

    “World on the Road |  From Living Space” Kurumaya Museum of Art, Oyama City

  10. “new contemporaries” @kcua, Kyoto

    “Daikanyama Art Street”. Hillside Terrace Daikanyama, Tokyo

  11. “Attempt 3 ―Hans Benda, Hirofumi Toyama, Chihiro Mori”, Museum Haus Kasuya, Kanagawa

    “VOCA 2011: The Vision of Contemporary Art, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo

    “Collection gallery 2, Daiwa collection I” Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum, Okinawa

    “Nakanoshima Collections” The National Museum of Art, Osaka

  12. “GARDEN OF PAINTING―Japanese Art of the 00s”, The National Museum of Art, Osaka

    “G-tokyo 2010” Mori Arts Centre Gallery, Tokyo

    “cosmetic girl and tired boy”, ARATANIURANO, Tokyo

  13. “Kaoru Arima/Chihiro Mori” on Sundays, WATARI-UM, Tokyo

  14. “Ze-ga-Hi-no Kaiga (Painting, Right or Wrong)”, Daiwa Press Viewing Room, Hiroshima

  15. “The Door into Summer; The Age of Micropop”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki

  16. “ALLLOOKSAME?/ TUTTTUGUALE?: ―Art from China, Japan and Korea”, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin

  17. “EXHIBITION!!!”, appel, Tokyo

    “works on paper”, Kodama Gallery, Osaka

Other Activity

  1. Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Official Art Posters

  2. NUMBER GIRL TOUR 2019-2020 『Retrofire Band』 tour visual、tour goods

  3. Prints21, NO.99 2011 Fall / MY FAVORITE Chihiro Mori

  4. Lily Chou Chou PV “Ether”


  1. 「omoide in my head」 torch press

  2. “Morisasshi1” Satoko Oe Contemporary

  3. “Moribook3” Daiwa Press


  1. VOCA award 2011

Public Collection